Retired Cop Has BLISTERING Message For Seahawks’ Planned Protest On 9/11 Anniversary


We all are very much aware of the new fad of sitting or “taking a knee” to protest the star spangled banner that is plaguing the NFL. But one man is speaking out about the insanity taking over our nation, in a Facebook post that’s now going viral.  Dan took to social media to plea with the Seattle Seahawks to NOT collectively take a knee during Sundays game, as they state they will be doing to show their support of the protest started by Colin Kaepernick. The post is heart-wrenching in it’s way of reminding all of us about the sacrifices made on 9/11 by so many. Please, read his plea and join us in showing him support.

Dan Cincinnatu’s post read:

In response to the rumors of a Seattle Seahawks team sit-down for the Star Spangled Banner on 09/11, I wrote this open letter to Russell Wilson and posted it on his Facebook page.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

My name is Dan Russell. I am a lifelong Seattle Seahawks fan, a native Washingtonian, and I have the humble privilege of serving as a Police Officer in my community.

I am the Officer in these photos – two of which went viral – taken in Dallas on 07/07 at the scene where 14 police officers were shot in an ambush; five of whom perished from their injuries.

I decided to dedicate myself to a life of Service on a Tuesday morning sitting in my parents living room on 09/11/2001, as I watched live footage of a plane crash into the World Trade Center. I woke up my brother, a serving United States Marine at the time, to give him the news – America was under attack.

On that sunny and bright Tuesday, 2,996 Americans lost their lives. 343 of those lost were firefighters, and 71 were law enforcement officers. In response to the worst terrorist attack in our Nation’s history, millions answered the call to Service – to Serve their Nation in the military, to Serve their communities as Police Officers, firefighters, dispatchers, paramedics, or as the family of one of these intrepid selfless individuals.

Every day, more choose to answer the call to Serve – inspired by those events of fifteen years ago and the selfless sacrifice of so many that came before them.

I chose to Serve on 09/11/2001. After Ferguson in 2014 I found myself questioning my choice of career and vocation. A visit to Ground Zero reminded me that I was Serving something bigger than myself – something beautiful and everlasting.


I humbly ask – I beg – that you do not sit down for The Star Spangled Banner on this coming Sunday, the 15th anniversary of 09/11/2001.

To do so would be a slap in the face to millions of fans, millions of public Servants, millions of Americans, to 09/11 first responders, to the survivors, and to the families of all that were involved and impacted by that terrible day, most of all –

To those 2,996 who fell in an act of hatred towards our country and all we stand for.

You have so many avenues of making a stand, of letting your voice be one of compassion, reconciliation, and building rather than tearing down. You have shown that you are an inspiring leader, man of community, faith, family, and charity. You have a voice that will be heard.

Please, use your voice in one of those other avenues – do not allow yourself to become one that succumbs to the sensationalism and misguided choices that are currently causing so much division in our country.

Stand for The Star Spangled Banner.

We who Serve will stand with you.


Dan Russell
Seahawks Fan

Since the rumors of the Seahawks’ planned protest began to circulate, the team has since come forward saying they will have a “demonstration of unity” instead of kneeling before the opener agains the Dolphins on Sunday. But whatever they do on Sunday, they plan to demonstrate as a group.

NY Daily News has more:

“It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see,” linebacker Bobby Wagner told the Seattle Times. “The world needs to see people coming together versus being individuals.”

Seattle cornerback Jeremy Lane said he will continue kneeling for the national anthem, as he did before Thursday’s preseason finale. But Baldwin and long-snapper Nate Boyer indicated the other Seahawks will stand Sunday.



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