Reporter Kidnapped By Muslim Terrorists Exposes Shocking Truth About Obama words!


British reporter Anthony Loyd recounts his reaction when he saw his former Syrian “rebel” kidnapper Hakim Abu Jamal, aka Abdel Hakim al-Yaseen and Hakim Anza, celebrating a victory in northern Syria two weeks ago as part of a supposedly CIA-vetted “moderate” rebel group.

In May of 2012, Loyd had been on a three-day trip to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, which had come under fierce aerial bombardment as government forces try to end a long-standing stalemate in the city. Loyd and his photographer, Jack Hill, attempted an escape after a gang of Syrian rebels abducted, tortured, and held them for ransom. Unfortunately for them, they failed.

Loyd claims he will never forget as Hakim Anza, AKA Hakim Abu Jamal, looked into his eyes and shot him twice at point-blank range in the ankle as punishment for fleeing. However, a second attempt proved successful and they fled a second time to Turkey where they were treated at a hospital for their injuries.

Two years later, Loyd saw the man who he would never forget – the man who tortured him. The Times reports that Loyd was watching a video of U.S. President Barack Obama’s “newest ally in the war against ISIS” and saw the face of his kidnapper and torturer. Loyd reveals that the footage highlighted his Muslim kidnapper, Anza, as one of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels which Obama’s CIA claims are vetted as “moderates.”

In the video, which describes sub-commander Anza and the Syrian fighters as a CIA-vetted “moderate” rebel group, the kidnapper was celebrating a victory in northern Syria on August 17.

It was the face of a man I last saw in May 2014 when he leant forward to shoot me twice in the left ankle at almost point-blank range while my hands were tied. It was punishment for having attempted to escape his gang of kidnappers in northern Syria who had hoped to sell me on.He shot me in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, after a savage preliminary beating, denouncing me as “a CIA spy”. Now, it seems, he works with them.
− via Times


This shocking revelation from Loyd reveals that CIA-vetted rebels are directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians, including U.S. citizens. It also proves that Obama is providing financial backing to these same rebels who are just as dangerous as the extreme jihadists that he is pretending to be fighting in Syria.

Last month, however, video surfaced of Hakim Anza proving that he was not only free but was also serving in a CIA-vetted Syrian rebel group, First Regiment (al-Fawj al-Awwal), which was receiving US weaponry, including Tow missiles, as well as air strikes in support of their operations. In between times he appears to be based in southern Turkey, where he takes orders from the Hawar Kilis Operations room.

− via Times

H/T [Mad World News]


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Mary Mazzeo

Why are we so Stupid , know Your ENEMY… They ARE OUR ENEMIES What the Hellis is Wrong With This Country


It’s not the country, but our so called leaders in the WH…

Bev Clark

We need a leader to lead us against these idiots and against our own corrupt goverment! We should have taken our country back the day that Muslim bastard was elected ! It’s bad enough Americans was so stupid they vote for him to start with then they did it a second time how stupid can ppl be !! And they voted for a skin color not the man . Trump is the only one who has balls enough to to put together a rebel army and take our country back !!!

Bob S



When this winter comes all hells gonna break loose. Here.


There will be SCARY TIMES ahead if this country doesn’t WAKE UP! There will be NO TURNING BACK PEOPLE!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE INTERNET!! Mr. Trump has shown the world the corruption that is going on here….along with Julian Assange…..we are being led like sheep to the SLAUGHTER- HOUSE!!! PLEASE vote for Mr. Trump and make sure Hillary doesn’t make the Presidency! She is out to DESTROY US!

Candace Poste

You are so right several books I have read and of course the Bible tells of this. The last one I read The Harbinger lays it right on the line . I’m afraid there is no turning back and much suffering to come. God have mercy on us all.

Igor Khait

Since the kidnapper did not kill the reporter, according to Obama he (kidnapper) is a moderate and that’s the truth according to Obama/Clinton administration