Obama’s Homeland Security Infuriates Americans Over Their Tweet About Refugees


Obama’s Department of Homeland Security posted a tweet that has recently backfired and in a very big way. We live in a day an age where the internet allows for ALL sides and ALL belief systems to be able to address their thoughts and opinions. So when Homeland Security tweeted, America responded.

It appears as thought most Government agencies have a habit of assuming that Americans as a whole will just sit back and accept their over-reaching ways. Clearly that is no longer the case. In many instances lately we re seeing a huge turn around from All groups, many of which have been trying their hardest to help the Democratic side bring America to its knees. From the NAACP to the LGBT community, they are all finally starting to see what Right-Wing Conservatives have been screaming.

It takes a mere 5 minutes of a Google search to see the truth about this “refugee crisis,” and how it will affect not only our economy, but our society and citizenry as well. This country is NOT and never will be built to cater to degenerates of epically evil proportions and we WILL NOT sit quietly for long.

Congratulations America, we are finally being heard by EVERYONE it seems. Now, let’s actually make a difference.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]


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Agario Skins

Look what happened to Europe…