Obama Official Makes Disturbing Confession On How They’re ‘Screening’ Refugees To America


Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has clearly shown us whose side he’s on, as he continues to pander to our enemies, while emboldening those who want to kill us.  The man clearly hates our country, and has done everything in his power to “fundamentally transform” it, as he promised to do before he was even voted into office back in 2008.

shitAs hordes of Obama’s “widows and 3-year-old orphans” continue to infiltrate our country by the droves, we all know that terrorists are in their midst. But what was just revealed by one of Obama’s own officials at the State Department proves that this has been this president’s goal the entire time.

You’d think that our elected officials would have the best interests of Americans in mind as the enact their policies. After all, keeping Americans safe is part of their freaking jobs. But when one of Obama’s State Department officials was prodded during a recent Senate subcommittee on immigration as to whether Muslim refugees are being screened for their radical views, he refused to answer.

Simon Henshaw, who oversees the Bureau of Population Refugees and Migrants of the U.S. Department was specifically asked if refugees are being questioned about certain violent tenants of their faith, as a way to screen them as being possible terrorists.

Simon Henshaw,“Do you make any inquiry about practices that we reject in the United States, like female genital mutilation?” Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions asked Simon Henshaw. “Do you say, ‘do you believe in that and when you come to the United States will you comply with the laws of the United States on that kind of question?’”

Henshaw was also specifically asked if they inquire if Muslim refugees support honor killings, but Henshaw refused to answer. Apparently screening Obama’s refugees for their radical ties to terrorism is not one of the State Department’s goals, as Simon Henshaw makes blatantly clear in the following infuriating video.

Big surprise there. We all know that Obama and Hillary created ISIS through their gun running scheme in Benghazi. But what good do Obama’s terrorists do if they’re only confined to the Middle East? To successfully “transform America” into the 3rd world country crap hole that he is so desperately desires, Obama must make sure that ISIS terrorists are brought to America. And through the asinine policies of the government agencies he oversees, that’s exactly what this treasonous asshat is doing!

H/T [Daily Caller]



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