News Network Does Something Despicable To Man Who Saved Baby’s Life


Bias in the media has been rampant lately, and it’s no secret that the left hates Trump. Now, news network HLN has soared to new lows after they interviewed a man who saved a baby from a scorching hot car. When the touching story ran on their channel, they made a couple of edits to the heroic man’s t-shirt which has sparked outrage to Trump supporters far and wide. Possibly being triggered by the mere thought of Donald Trump being the next president, HLN completely blurred out the words “Trump for President 2016” off of his shirt.

2016-09-02 (1)Here’s a bit of backstory: Retired police officer Steve Eckel was leaving a store when he and another woman saw the 4-month old little girl locked inside the hot car. Eckel says that the baby was screaming and crying, drenched in sweat, and her eyes were beginning to roll into the back of her head. Thinking quickly, Eckel grabbed a sledgehammer, smashed the window, and was able to retrieve the infant and save her from certain death. Here is an unedited video of that interview with a clip of the blurred t-shirt at the end.

I can hardly believe that this news network would stoop this low and pander to the delicate little snowflakes that watch their broadcasts. It’s a t-shirt for crying out loud. This man saved a baby’s life and is a hero, but oh how dare him support Trump!

H/T[Louder With Crowder]


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