Muslims are FURIOUS After Finding out What’s Being Put in Their Candy


Gummy bears- a favorite treat of children and adults alike. Not many people put much thought into how their food is processed, or even how it came to be in the first place. One ingredient that you might have never expected makes up a good percentage of this favorite treat, and you can guarantee it isn’t “halal.” See for yourself in the following video how this delicious treat is made, but be warned, you might never eat one again for as long as you live.

That’s right, liquefied pigs. Yummy! Although it is well known that Gelatin is used in shampoos, face masks, and other cosmetics, Jell-O, candies, marshmallows, cakes, ice cream, and yogurts, on photographic film and in vitamins, what is less known is the process in which these things are made. I, for one, had no idea it looked anything like this, and I bet there’s more than a couple of Muslims out there that were ignorant as well. When they find out I’m sure they aren’t going to be too happy about it!

I apologize if I just ruined your appetite for gummy bears, or appetite in general, but I’m right there with you if you never want to lay eyes on another piece of candy again! Be sure to share this video with all of your friends, regardless of their religion! 🙂 Knowledge is power, and I’m pretty sure if more people knew what gummy bears and Jell-O is actually made of, they won’t be so quick to scarf them all down!

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Now I like them even more.


Only idiots did not know this.


And what’s you point here? You don’t like Bacon?


And what’s Your point here? You do not like Bacon? You know they Kill Chickens to make Tenders.