Mother Receives SICK Text From ISIS Informing Her How They Killed Her Soldier Son

Could you imagine the horror?


I can not imagine anything worse that getting a message from the person that murdered my son, but that’s exactly what this poor mother had to face the morning after there was heavy battle in the Philippines. News went out that Philippine forces engaged heavily armed Abu Sayyaf militants in three separate battles near Patikul, Sulu Province, Monday. Fifteen Philippine soldiers were killed, and another 12 were injured.

A concerned mother texted her son, Jison, a private first class in the Army’s 35th Infantry Battalion. Her simple message was sent out on Monday night, “Son, how are you there?” She didn’t receive a response until the next morning.

On Tuesday her phone went off and what was waiting for her from her son’s number will haunt her for the rest of he life. An Islamic Militant took Jison’s phone and responded to her concerned text with this, “Your son is dead, he has no head now, we cut off his head on Tuesday.”

ISIS and Al Qaeda are surging through the Philippines
ISIS and Al Qaeda are surging through the Philippines

The timing would imply that they had just cut her sons head off right before he texted that horrid message. How does any mother cope with that. These Muslim extremists are literally across the globe. The fight is getting closer and more sickening daily. This surge of radicals needs to be cut down and quickly.

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