The Left Wants You To Feel Sorry For Muslims, But Look What This Guy is Doing in the Corner


Footage from a hospital in Aleppo, Syria is changing everything, but not in the way that was intended. Aleppo is the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State and is where most of the violence is taking place in the Middle East. The leftist media is trying so hard to pull on the American heart strings with their biased reporting, and are trying their hardest to get ill-informed citizens to sympathize with the “Religion of Peace.” Instead of focusing on the ideology behind all of the violence, the media wants instead to show videos like the one below to incite sympathy instead of opening the eyes of the people to what is really taking place.

Keep your eyes on the guy in the corner. The mayhem which is supposedly taking place inside a Syrian hospital shows fear and pain among all the destruction.. Or so it would seem. The guy in the right corner does something that totally erases any of the video’s credibility.

WOW, unbelievable! He is grinning and laughing until he realizes that there is a camera on him, at which point he immediately acts as if he is in excruciating pain. The man’s obvious fake reaction to the camera is leading many to believe that this “shocking” clip is nothing more than a room filled with scripted actors. What do you think after watching this? Please be sure to let us know in the comments!

H/T[Mad World News]


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