Fed Up American Confronts Local Muslims, Shows Them EXACTLY What He Thinks Of Their Religion

Now THAT is how you take care of business!


With the increasing issue of Muslims carrying out massive terror attacks across the glob, one outspoken American decided to take a few journalists from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) along for the ride, showing the politically correct pansies how we deal with these radical vermin here in America.

Robert, founder BombIslam.com, is an outspoken man from Arizona who spends his free time exposing the dangers of Islam, in a very uncensored style that you have to see in action to truly appreciate.

Robert likes to spend his Fridays confronting Muslims in his hometown of Phoenix, fearlessly walking up to local Islamists outside of their mosques exposing the truth about their religion, usually with Quran in hand to help emphasize his point. But much to the shock and horror of the BBC and Muslims that day, Robert did a little something extra to their holy book, after calling out their prophet Mohammad for being nothing short of a war-mongering tyrant pedofile, who took children as his brides.

“What we’re doing right now is we’re going to do a little protest..me and a few of my friends that lets these Muslims know that they’re not going to get comfortable here in my state,” he begins.

The politically correct twats at BBC weren’t too impressed with Robert’s group however, immediately labeling Robert’s organization as an “anti-lslam hate group,” after they narrated their documentary from the events from that day.

“Robert rips out a page of the Quran…under UK law, these extreme protesters could be arrested for religious hatred. But America’s First Amendment protects Robert’s freedom of speech,” the bewildered BBC journalist narrates as Robert defaces the Quran. 

Robert was fully prepared for the BBC to bash his unfiltered brash style however, and in an exclusive interview, I asked Robert how his day went with the British journalists. He was quick to give me a hilarious run-down of what happened throughout the day, when the cameras were off.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 12.18.59 PM“I told these guys if I were a British person, I would feel it was my duty to overthrow my government. When they asked if I owned a gun, I pulled out a gun right then and there and put it on the table.” 

“We ate at a place called Raising Canes which serves chicken tenders, but one of the British dudes was a vegetarian so he could only eat fries and coleslaw hahaha. I knew the entire time, their documentary was going to be biased against guys like me, but I knew what I was doing, and knew more people would like my protest than dislike it. They titled it ‘United States of Hate: Muslims under attack’ or some sh*t like that. It’s still hilarious to me every time I watch it. I couldn’t have filmed and edited it better myself. they basically made my video for me that day.”

Robert has been running his group BombIslam.com for a little over a year now, and regularly publishes video rants about the “Religion of Peace” on his YouTube channel Bomb Islam. Be sure to check it out and subscribe! If you hate radical Islam as much as we do, you’re going to love what Robert has to say!



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Jules Amosah

Lovely that you are showcasing a religious hate group like this! Truly sends out a positive message…