Couple Wears Disgusting Anti-American Costumes, Then Get EXACTLY What’s Coming to Them


Just in time for the anniversary of the horrible tragedy that struck our nation on 9/11, 15 years ago, two completely soulless idiots thought it’d be funny to wear costumes depicting the twin towers on fire, complete with people hanging out of the windows, plummeting to their deaths. The Atlanta couple, who showed up to a convention center that was packed with people wearing “normal” costumes, didn’t even have a pass to be in the building, they just wanted to make some kind of attempt at humor and make a ridiculous spectacle out of themselves. Perhaps they weren’t hugged enough as children, or perhaps the suffer from lack of attention, but their attempt at humor ended up backfiring in the most epic way.


Posing as people who were interested in their disgusting choice of attire, several Dragon Con attendees snapped photos of the unnamed duo for the sole purpose of blasting them all over the internet- and rightly so. Outrage obviously immediately ensued from patriots online who didn’t find the humor in their costumes at all.


Event security finally caught wind of the couple who weren’t supposed to even be there in the first place, but after being alerted to the fact that angry even staff were after them, the cowardly duo took off. They may have escaped without getting the major @$$-whopping that was inevitably coming their way, but there’s no way to escape the internet infamy that resulted from a few snapshots of their stupid grinning faces. It’s only a matter of time before someone identifies these horrible people and brings them the justice they deserve.

H/t[Mad World News]


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Robert Oswald Dawes

Just make them wear the costume douse it in gasoline and set it alight