Colorado Gun-Range Owner Has Disturbing Message For Liberals


People driving down a large stretch of rural road in Colorado Springs, Colorado were amazed by the display they saw that was erected overnight. A massive display with five mannequins complete with signs emerged overnight, but some residents in the area weren’t happy with the messages being displayed.

Mel Bernstein, known to friends and family as “Dragonman”, lives off of Hwy 94 about 15 miles east of Colorado Springs. In this rural area of Colarado you will find his many business ventures including a paintball center, a motorcycle machine repair shop and a shooting range.

This last weekend, Bernstein proudly erected a display to tell everyone within eyesight his political thoughts on this year’s election, as well as a few kind words to see Obama on his way out of the door.

Liberals are up in arms over the conservative arrangement that Bernstein proudly built and they are demanding action be taken to remove the pro-Trump words from public view. However, there isn’t anything that can be done as the props are all located on Bernstein’s own property and he is allowed to build anything he wants there. Besides, the First Amendment protects everyone’s freedom of speech, not just the voices of the politically correct or the liberal views from the left. Although, they would have you believe differently.

The exhibit includes five life-size mannequins that represent the current president, his wife and this year’s political opponents. Donald Trump stands tall in the back on a victory stand  surrounded by flags while each of the other figures stand below showcasing signs that say what most other Americans are saying across the country.



The two outside female figures represent Michelle Obama and Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump. Their respective signs tell the frustrations of the last 8 years while anticipating a new Trump presidential term.

“Goodbye Michelle! You did nothing for our country but spend taxpayer money!” read the first sign, while the second sign spoke a complete opposite sentiment. “Melania Trump. A first lady we can be proud of!”

Mel “Dragonman” Bernstein stands with two of the actors and their signs in his latest corner display.

While Barrack Obama’s sign simply wishes him fair-well, Hillary Clinton obtained the most word-space. Bernstein made sure to let everyone know what sort of person she is. “We all know that Hillary belongs in jail. She is no good for our gun rights. She is no good for America,” her sign read.

Once a picture of the display reached social media, there was a huge response from liberals everywhere attacking Bernstein for his conservative support of Trump. Some called him an “a**hole” how he went about expressing his dislike Obama and Clinton. Others defended Bernstein’s views by pointing out the fact that disagreement doesn’t make it against the law.

Hal “Dragonman” Bernstein has stepped out in front with his political views. He will be attacked for it, but at least he is willing to go against the curve and make his statement anyway. Another person recently made headlines by posting a statue of a naked Donald Trump in Time Square and is now travelling the country. Somehow, that’s perfectly okay, but fully clothed statues and non-threatening signs must go. That’s liberal logic at its finest.

H/T [Mad World News]


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