BREAKING: Trump Releases “Medical Records” and Hillary Immediately FREAKS!


Several days ago, Hillary released a letter from her doctor which apparently “proved” she’s the epitome of health, despite no mention being made to her neurological condition. Now Trump is releasing something of his own, proving too, he’s fit to be president.

From Western Journalism:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had promised “the numbers” on his health, and he just delivered.

The Trump campaign on Thursday released a letter dated Tuesday from Trump’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, that summarized Trump’s physical condition based upon an examination last week.

The health of the presidential candidates has become an issue since the medical episode that struck Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday, leaving her temporarily unable to walk unaided. Clinton’s campaign said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday, but also blamed her difficulty Sunday on being dehydrated and overheated. Throughout the campaign, Trump has questioned Clinton’s health and stamina to take the rigors of being president. He said he would release his health records to prove he was up to the stress of the job.

Bornstein revealed that Trump takes a cholesterol-lowering drug (rosuvastatin) and low doses of aspirin.

Trump has a cholesterol level of 169, HDL cholesterol 63, LDL cholesterol 94, triglycerides 61, PSA 0.15, blood pressure 116/70, blood sugar 99 and C Reactive Protein UQ 0.7, the letter said.

The letter said that an EKG and chest X-ray that took place on April 14 showed “normal” results. Trump received a transthoracic echocardiogram on Dec. 16, 2014, that “was reported within the range of normal,” the note said.

“In summary, Mr. Trump is in excellent physical health,” Bornstein wrote.

Of course libtards and Hillary predictably began to gripe, wanting more than just a letter written by his doctor, even though hypocritically, Hillary just did the exact same thing several days ago.

How about both candidates release all their records, then no one can possibly complain? Sounds like the perfect idea to me!



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