BREAKING: Look What Hillary Was Given Right Before She Collapsed At 9/11 Memorial


We have all seen the numerous video and photo posts about Hillary collapsing at the 15 year Anniversary of 9/11 ceremony in New York on Sunday, but many are missing the suspicious test that Hillary was caught on camera taking before she even collapsed, and was unceremoniously dumped into her get-away van.

As reported by Hidden Americans:

Dr Lisa Bardack seen in the image above is Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor. After Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial Dr. Bardack said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and given antibiotics, but had become dehydrated at the New York event. But in the image above before the collapse you can see Hillary is squeezing Dr. Bardack’s fingers which is well known neurological test.


If Hillary was diagnosis with Pneumonia on Friday and simply became “dehydrated and over-heated” on Sunday, why then the need for a test to check her neurological functions? It looks like they’re having an increasingly difficult time hiding Hillary’s serious medical issues, as these events continue to occur. The DNC has already decided that her many health issues are enough of a concern that they have pulled emergency meetings to discuss replacing her as the Democratic candidate.

H/T [ Hidden Americans ]


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Joey Joseph

I don’t feel sorry for this old bitty, after all the killing and death she is responsible for, her public demise is well deserved.