BREAKING: Insider Exposes Hillary’s Disturbing Plan to Take Over All Of America’s Local Police

When you put the pieces together, everything begins to make sense. It's blatantly apparent why our government is so heavily involved in inciting a race war and propping up domestic terror groups such as Black Lives Matter.


Wherever there is evil or destruction brewing on the planet, Hillary Clinton and her sidekick George Soros are more than likely behind the scenes manipulating the situation for their own sinister agendas. Recently, the Nazi billionaire was hacked by DC Leaks, where disturbing information about his Open Society Foundation was revealed. But another disturbing document is just coming to light, showing Hillary and Soros’ diabolical plans involving our police if she gets elected as president.
It’s no secret that Soros is Hillary’s biggest financial donor, as he’s tossed an astounding $25 at her campaign in recent months. So the leak’s revelation that he has his evil talons in our local law enforcement as well, should come as no big surprise.

In one particular document obtained by the hackers, it uncovered how the Hillary donor is exploiting racially-charged incidents such as Ferguson as a way for them to push for complete federal control of our police forces. Using high-profile shootings, they are pushing to implement these policies under the guise of “police reform,” as a way to take full control of the police and make them fully accountable to the government.

Federalizing America’s local police departments has been underway for decades, but was previously met with large opposition by most Americans. But now with the ongoing outrage as a result of the Soros and our government’s manufactured “war” between blacks and our police, it would be easy to implement changes to our police forces, as race-baiters continue to scream for justice in the form of “police reform.” Along with Soros, Hillary Clinton has used incidents such as Ferguson to call for the federalization of local law enforcement, building on the UN’s “strong cities” program, a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.

Our Founding Fathers understood government tyranny all too well, which is why they were so careful with how they crafted the Constitution. Police powers were never delegated to the federal government, but were powers specifically reserved for the states and communities, as explicitly spelled out in the 10th Amendment. But If Hillary and Soros get their way with federalizing our police force, that would mean the close to 18,000 state and local law-enforcement agencies across America would then be under complete government control. Full-blown tyranny would then take afoot, transforming our country into a society reminiscent of Nazi Germany, where governmental power would then be completely centralized without any checks or balances.

When you put the pieces together, everything begins to make sense. It’s blatantly apparent why our government is so heavily involved in inciting a race war and propping up domestic terror groups such as Black Lives Matter. As the government’s manufactured war continues to be played out on the streets, Americans’ mistrust of our police will continue to grow. And as mistrust against our law enforcement continues to brew, Americans will cry out for justice. Then Hillary’s tyrannical policies will be widely welcomed and encouraged by most Americans, and tyranny will take hold — all in the name of “justice” and “reform.”

H/T [New American, Breitbart]






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James Cavanaugh
I assume it was 25 million that somehow got deleted in the editing process. It’s just disgusting how these elitist bastards go about their evil agenda to take away our liberty and freedom while trying to make us all their debt slaves. They have been imposing on the American people since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act took over America’s currency and handed it back to the elitist central banking system. Now they systematically, with this money they have acquired from us, create civil unrest and havoc so they can create a national gestapo controlled by them. Then they have… Read more »