VIDEO: Elderly Man Viciously Assaulted By Hillary Clinton Supporter At DNC Rally

Disturbing video has surfaced of a Hillary supporter brutally assaulting an almost 70-year-old man.


A Hillary Clinton supporter was arrested last Saturday after assaulting an elderly protester holding a Donald Trump sign. The 23 year old man, Joshua Sturman, approached the group of protesters and attempted to light a US flag on fire when the elderly gentlemen tried to stop him.

After Sturman stooped and lit an American flag in front of the group of protesters, an elderly patriot, Richard Dillon, attempted to stop him by ripping the flag from this ungrateful American’s hands. Sturman then assaulted the man knocking him to the ground and bloodying his nose. However, the scuffle was quickly broken up as the cameras started rolling.

Tricia Cunningham, another pro-Trump supporter who was at the scene said, “You ain’t burning our flag. I’m the daughter of a Marine. There is no First Amendment when it comes to destroying the United States, as far as I am concerned.”

Video of the confrontation shows Sturman as he is getting up off of the man. His companions try to get him to leave the scene before the police arrive, but they are too late. As police were handcuffing him and taking him off to jail, he stuck his tongue out at the pro-Trump supporters as an act of last-minute defiance, but he will soon face retribution for his crimes.

Sturman was immediately arrested by the police and charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, causing or risking a catastrophe and endangering another person. His preliminary court hearing is scheduled for August 10th and Sturman remains in police custody at this time.


36C7817E00000578-3718228-Off_they_go_Sturman_is_now_facing_charges_of_simple_assault_diso-a-12_1470063164836I do not understand how an American can burn the flag that symbolizes the nation of his birth and the freedoms he so vehemently hides behind. The flag represents not only those freedoms, but also the men who died to protect them and he should be ashamed of his actions.

H/T [Girls Just Wanna Have Guns]


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