Veterans Get PERFECT Revenge After Liberal Mayor Refuses to Remove BLM Banner


This country has seen a lot of racial divide and discord ever since the Black Lives Matter movement took root and spread like wildfire, and it doesn’t look like the insanity will be stopping anytime soon. One small town mayor is catching the heat currently for a decision he made back in 2015.

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone of Somerville Mass has been standing his ground since August 2015 about a banner he had hung at City Hall to show his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Police Unions have protested along with many other groups, including firefighters and city locals.

After being ignored, a group of local veterans had finally had enough. They decided to go on the attack in a silent but meaningful way, by hanging an “All Lives Matter” banner over the American Legion Post in Somerville, countering the Mayor’s clearly bias message to the town.

In response to the majorities opinion of the sign Mayor Curtatone says, “It is violence that tests us in every community, demanding we either come together, or break apart, and let me be clear: Communities cannot sit this conversation out.”

The American Legion post Commander, Dave Chamberlain had this to say when asked why he had felt the need to respond with a sign of his own:

“We seen what went on with City Hall. We’re not happy about it. We’re not knocking Black Lives Matter. We’re not knocking anybody … We don’t care about your color. We don’t care about where you come from — all lives matter. It’s something I felt I had to. We don’t care about color. We don’t care about nationality. Yes, we’re sick about the police officers being shot (and) we don’t like seeing black kids getting shot by cops … We’re not political. We don’t want to be. We’ve got to make a statement. 
Everybody matters. In the military we’re all green. Everybody who served their country, their color was the same.”

Mark Killoren, the post’s junior vice commander, added. “When you were in a foxhole, you didn’t give a (expletive) what color they were. They’re saving your life. That sign is going to stay up on the post.”

Even police unions have been ignored by the Mayor leaving some to make statements like this one from Michael Mcgrath with the Somerville Police Employees Association, “The banner implies that Somerville police officers are somehow responsible for racially motivated decision-making against minorities.”

Need I remind everyone that this is NOT the first time this particular Mayor has done or said something that inflamed the masses of RATIONAL thinking Americans. In November of 2015 he stated that Syrian Refugees were more than welcome in Somerville, much to the dismay of the locals.

Mayor Curtatone:

“America needs to double down on it’s values. I have two concerns. One, I truly believe in the values of our country, the values that make us stand apart form ISIS- inclusiveness, compassion, humanity. I also want to defeat them, and those two things are in jeopardy from this knee-jerk reaction.”

Between his support of the refugee push and his blatant slap in the face of law enforcement, it would appear as if Mayor Joseph Curtatone has a special place in his tiny black heart for political correctness and the death of America as we know it. Keep supporting the terrorists and the criminals Mr. Mayor, we’re watching!

H/T [ Conservative Tribune , Source ]




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