Two Black Thugs Have NASTY Surprise For Good Samaritan Who Saves Them After Wreck

This is horrible!


The horrific way that our American society is shifting is amazing in its utter hypocrisy. Black Lives Matter and Obama have made a race war where there is none, and to top it off, many of the very ones that have been screaming “racism” are killing more of their own daily.

Seventeen-year-old Deon Fisher and 19-year old Michael Dupree-Taylor wrecked into a ditch in South Carolina, where their stolen SUV then became stuck.  A man stopped to pull them out and to lend a helping hand. His reward? Death.

Chadwick Garrett shot for helping

Chadwick Garret, 45, asked for nothing more than $20 to hook up his truck and rescue the ditched Durango. When the SUV was back on the road he requested the $20, and received bullets. He was robbed and gunned down for helping two young men in a bad situation that more than likely would have ended in their arrests for the possession of fire-arms and a stolen vehicle had they been forced to call police to help them. Instead they both now face murder charges.

When does it end? They scream cop-on-black crime, when its a fact that black-on-black crime is rampant. Enough is enough. This man’s family lost a lot that day, and I truly hope those boys get the most severe punishment provided by the law.

H/T [ Before Its News ]


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