This State Now Allowing Students To Carry Guns on Campus, Liberals Furious

Effective August 1, a new gun bill will allow licensed conceal carry permit holders to bring their weapons onto school campuses.


Effective August 1,  a new gun bill will allow licensed conceal carry permit holders to bring their weapons onto school campuses all across Texas. This controversial law will no doubt bring a hoard of critics, but Texas schools just got a little bit safer.

However, university presidents can apply exceptions to the law as reported by Fox News.

Generally, the new Texas law allows guns in buildings, classrooms and dorms, but rules may differ from campus to campus, as each school is required to map that out.

For example, at the University of Texas at Austin, teachers will be allowed to declare their offices as gun-free zones, but most will post signs announcing it. Dorm residents can have guns in common areas, such as dining areas and lounges, but not sleeping rooms, where no storage of weapons is allowed. Exceptions to the room restrictions will be made for visiting family members who are licensed to carry handguns.

FILE - In this Oct. 1, 2015, file photo, protesters gather on the West Mall of the University of Texas campus to oppose a new state law that expands the rights of concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons on public college campuses. University of Texas President Greg Fenves has approved rules that will allow concealed handgun license holders to bring their weapons into classrooms. State law requires public universities to allow concealed handguns in classrooms and buildings starting Aug. 1, 2016, but also gives campuses some leeway to carve out gun-free zones. (Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File) AUSTIN CHRONICLE OUT, COMMUNITY IMPACT OUT, INTERNET AND TV MUST CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER AND STATESMAN.COM, MAGS OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

At Texas A&M University in College Station, guns are allowed in dorm rooms and teachers must get permission from the administration to ban guns from their office. State law still bans weapons from some campus areas, such as hospitals and sporting events.

While many students have said that they feel safer being able to conceal carry onto their school campus, there have been many opponents to the new law. Many students have spoken out against it saying that schools are no place for guns and that it creates a dangerous environment for other students and faculty. However, just this week a “good guy with a gun”, Dylan DeBoard,  received a Citizens Award of Valor in Ohio for being “at the right place, at the right time” with a gun.


UntitledCpl. Michael Wheeler of Ohio’s Mount Vernon Police Department told Inside Edition that he owes his life to Dylan, “Every time I see him, I let him know how much I appreciate what he did,”

My dad taught me all about gun safety. We always had rifles around the house. I have very fond memories of going hunting with my father every year. during hunting season. The sight of a weapon on a person’s hip doesn’t bother me one bit. Personally, I would feel safer attending a school where people were allowed to carry guns. Most perpetrators won’t even try anything if they know there are guns.

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