Sovereign Mom Applauds Child for Resisting Arrest and Getting Tazed By Police


A Washington mother is applauding her child after he was tazed for resisting arrest. Upon viewing the popular video of her son being arrested, she appeared to coach him by saying “some moments he did right and well. Some moments he needs to improve.” The incident started in a parking lot when her son allegedly illegally passed another car for driving too slow. When the police pulled him over, he instantly got combative. He believed since he was a sovereign, the police didn’t have the right to pull him over. He also seems to suggest if you’re driving under the speed limit you can pass anyone wherever you want to in a parking lot.

ScreenHunter_1264 Aug. 09 10.23

The police ask multiple times to see Michael P. Aspen’s license and registration but he continually refuses. The police argue with Aspen for a few minutes until they’ve had enough of his shenanigans. The police then attempt to remove Aspen from the car since he refused to comply but Aspen resists. That’s when the police introduce him to their tazer, and forcefully remove him from the car. You can watch the video below, the part where he is removed from the car happens at 2:40.

After his arrest the police located a machete in the vehicle. Many claim that Aspen put his hand by the machete in the arrest video. A Youtube commenter claimed this isn’t the first time Michael P Aspen has had a run in with police. They referenced a 2014 article from the same area Aspen lives where a Michael P. Aspen was arrested for slashing several tires in the local jurisdiction. I guess that Sovereigns believe the Constitution protects that as free speech? If you want to know where he gets this from, look no further than his mother, who seems to give him counseling on how to piss police off:

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After posting this a fight broke out on whether or not Michael P. Aspen was the next Lavoy Finnicum. Tempers flared on their local “I’m more patriotic than you” militia sovereign clan as many debated the issue. Finally the ban hammer was summoned, and used to the point of breaking:

ScreenHunter_1267 Aug. 09 10.35

I hope you can see where he gets it from now. His Mother, Staff Sgt. Maureen Peltier is a Washington National Guard soldier from Bonney Lake, Pierce County. She served through two deployments in Iraq. When she came home she apparently fell into the wrong crowd. She is associated with other Veterans who have taken their “movement” to the borderline of extremism. John Ritzheimer for one is federally incarcerated for his role in the Oregon Wildlife Refugee standoff. Prior to getting arrested for this incident, Ritzheimer was investigated for waving a gun at a camera while threatening to shoot Muslims.

KNXV Jon Ritzheimer _1453900865214_30804151_ver1.0_640_480

Peltier was as heavily involved with the Oregon Standoff, at least much as she could be without getting arrested. The same standoff was responsible for creating catastrophic rifts in various patriotic groups and militias. A majority of veterans interviewed about the standoff disagreed with the tactics being used. Some of those at the standoff later testified that they were ready to shoot federal agents:

“We locked them down, We had counter-sniper positions on their sniper positions. We had at least one guy—sometimes two guys—per BLM agent in there. So, it was a complete tactical superiority. … If they made one wrong move, every single BLM agent in that camp would’ve died.” – Ryan Payne

Members of the Oregon Standoff also instructed people to kill police if police attempted to stop them, as seen in this video:

While many of us may disagree on police, police tactics, and patriotism in general, many of us agree that acting this way towards police isn’t going to solve anything. Nobody likes getting pulled over, but acting like Aspen did in this video isn’t going to help the situation. I feel that the way his mother acting is not helping either, she should be scorning him for his actions, not critiquing them and applauding them. The Oregon Standoff resulted in many people being incarcerated for some serious time, if Aspen continues further down the path he is on, he can expect the same in his near future.


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