Priest Does Good Deed For Asylum Seeker, Minutes Later There’s BLOOD EVERYWHERE


Father Jos Vanderlee, a 65-year-old priest in Belgium was trying to do good works for the Lord when he invited a Muslim man into his home. The man said that he was trying to apply for asylum, and asked the priest if he could take a shower. Father Vanderlee obliged the man, but it would prove to be the wrong move. After the man was done showering, he emerged from the bathroom and demanded money from the priest, who refused. That’s when the fight started.

downloadThe Muslim man, enraged at being denied a handout, lunged at the priest, brandished a knife, and ended up slashing his hands before fleeing the scene. The attack happened around 2:40 local time. the priest was taken to the hospital and was treated for his injuries. Although understandably shaken by the incident, he is expected to make a full recovery.

The mayor of Lanake, Marino Keulen, said: “Despite the fact that we are shocked, we must stress that this incident can not be linked to terrorist acts at this stage of the investigation.” Come on though, really? This incident comes just days after another Catholic priest had his neck slit in France by ISIS terrorists.


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