NFL Denies Dallas Cowboys Request to Honor Police

The NFL refused to allow the Cowboys to Honor the Dallas Police, yet they had no problem with Beyonce's racist half time performance.


The NFL has officially denied the Dallas Cowboys request to honor police by wearing a sticker on their helmets. The Cowboys wanted to show their support for the Officers that were killed in the Dallas Police Shooting. The “arm in arm” decal was going to be wore on the uniforms for the preseason opener against the Los Angeles Rams. The Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones informed the media that NFL officials said every team must be uniform, the stickers were not allowed. The Cowboys are forced to drop the decal that would honor the Dallas Police Officers.


The hypocrisy of the NFL is astounding. The NFL had absolutely no issue at all with Beyonce parading her racist butt on stage in a black panther themed outfit. The show was widely criticized for being anti-white and racist. Apparently racism against whites is perfectly ok in the NFL, but standing up for police officers is not. Furthermore, several teams have been allowed to wear stickers on their helmets or uniform to honor deceased players or others affiliated with the organization. However honoring cops is against the rules at the National Football League, so why does the NFL use police for security events?

A local Dallas writer applauded the decision, saying it’s great that the NFL doesn’t allow political symbols. Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News must of been flipping burgers at the local fast food joint when Beyonce performed during half time at the last Superbowl. What’s even more disturbing than this Hokey Journalist’s comment is the fact that of all the people in America that say they support police, 100% of them will still watch NFL games regardless. Football in America is more important than the men and women who make sure that you have a safe house to watch it in…


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