Jailed Muslim Pastor Gets NASTY Surprise After vowing to Convert Inmates to Islam


Anjem Choudary has been an avid promoter of ISIS for many years now and we have all heard his lunatic ravings over the same course of time. He is well known for his encouragement of the Muslim beheading of British Soldier, Lee Rigby. Choudary has an avid following in Europe for his very verbal pushing of Sharia Law and he has recruited HUNDREDS to join ISIS.

This devil is no man, nor is he even remotely human, I’m sure of it. He comes straight from the bowels of hell and brings his sick and twisted ideals with him wherever he goes. Many of you may remember another person by the name of Choudary here in the U.S. last year that was highly imbedded in a social media site. She was best known for tracking Right-wing Americans and data mining us for those ISIS kill lists you hear so much about.

The family name seems to be ne steeped in many ugly actions.

But, in an epic twist of fate recently Anjem Choudary was arrested and tried in a British court for his acts against humanity. Choudary thought that would be a good time to muster up a big grin and a promise to convert prisoners to Islam and drum up more support for ISIS.

In a sweet twist of fate the Judge and most of us Patriots get the last laugh however. 49-year-old Choudary will serve his prison sentence in a top security prison’s remand wing — meaning that the Muslim preacher will be secluded from all other prisoners to stop him from converting anyone to Islam.

Mad World News reports:

Justice Secretary Liz Truss vows to fight Choudary’s spread of what she calls a “poisonous ideology.”

“Choudary will be moved to the unit now he has been convicted and will be held there while he is assessed over how he will conduct himself during the course of his sentence,” a source told The Star. “He will not be allowed to be simply placed on a normal location and allowed to continue his business of radicalizing people. That would be counter-productive because he’d simply be recruiting people to take his message of hate on to the streets once they had been released from their sentences.”

“The rise of Islamist extremism poses an existential threat to our society,” Justice Secretary Liz Truss told The Sun on Sunday. “I am committed to confronting and countering the spread of this poisonous ideology behind bars. Preventing the most dangerous extremists from radicalizing other prisoners is essential to the safe running of our prisons and fundamental to public protection.”

My personal opinion, while I think the irony is well deserved and nothing is better than seclusion and the breaking of the mind it causes, I feel that these terrorists deserve no more than death and in a manner that is immediate. Tax payers, even in Britain, pay for them to keep breathing and frankly its not worth the money. Still, at least we are finally starting to see justice in some form against these radicals that would try to take over our countries. Good riddance I say!

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Ann Inquirer

No halal either

Pastor Dennis Wall

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Glen Wilkerson

Probably for the best, but I really was hoping Choudary would wind up with a 400 lb, 6′ 5″ gay Jewish power top for a room mate who would make the evil old bastard his bitch.


All the BLT’s he can eat ,,,every thing deep fried in pork lard, beer and Jack only
and subscriptions to Hustler and Juggs only