[VIDEO] ISIS Abandons Guns, Now Using Unspeakable Methods to Bring Murder Upon Us


This will be one more throat punch to the gun nuts who flip the hell out anytime a gun is used to murder and harm others; even if used at the hands of Islamic terrorists. ISIS has put out a new video which calls for new tools to be used as weapons to murder and create mayhem against the West.

They are getting creative and we are becoming more and more slack. All of this focus on guns is preventing those in positions of power to see the next phase in attacks by lslamic terrorists. They even mock the intelligence community for being unable to stop them.

In the video below, ISIS calls for everyday used items to become weapons. Baseball bats, syringes filled with poisons, and even electric screwdrivers plus many more undetectable and unexpected ways. They KNOW that obtaining guns will be harder and harder; thus their determined improvisation. Watch the video, if you dare, to hear an alarming fatwa issued against us all.

Coming soon to America!


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