[VIDEO] Iran vs. Israel – Watch As This Iranian Child Athlete is Forced to Forfeit


Children are born with love in their hearts. It is not until others start abusing them in various forms whether it be physical, emotional, neglect and even indoctrination, that love is lost and hate is bred.

People always question why such young muslim children are so hateful against others when they should just be being kids. The reason why is because of the indoctrination of Islam by their family and community. Hate all who do not follow Islam.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is probably one of the worst perpetrators in the indoctrination of children, especially when the country has political control on their wee minds. A prime example of this is, during a wrestling match with young boys, an Iranian wrestling coach does everything in his power to prevent a young boy named Peyman, from wrestling against an Israeli boy. It is disgusting. It is also heartbreaking, because this boy just wanted to wrestle and did not care who it was against! He did not feel the hate being forced upon him. He very clearly loves the sport and is being stopped from participating due to the vile ideology of Islam and hatred towards an entire country and her people.

Watch the heartbreaking scene below.

To watch the full documentary on how Iran treats it’s athletes, visit – The politics of sport in Iran.

What are your thoughts on this? It seems the only way to stop an entirely new generation of hate, is for someone to reach their minds before the ideology of Islam does.


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