Disturbing Pics Milwaukee Thug Surface Online and Liberals Are Panicking

Not quite the innocent sweetheart liberals want you to believe!


Whenever a black person is fatally shot by police, liberals immediately try to insert their rhetoric into the story, painting cops as evil and the victim as innocent. Over the past weekend, Milwaukee has been a hotbed of racially-motivated protests and attacks after Sylville Smith was fatally shot by cops after resisting arrest and trying to flee the scene. But as more details begin emerge, photos are leaking about the thug responsible for the latest civil unrest plaguing our country, which is blowing a huge hole into the left’s racially charged narrative.

As liberal idiots would like for you to believe that this 23-year-old is just an innocent victim, it appears as though Smith wasn’t just randomly targeted for a young black man. His trouble with the law began all the way back in 2011, the year he turned 18. Since then, Smith had been arrested or ticketed on nine separate occasions for very serious crimes including robbery, illegally carrying a weapon, heroin and cocaine possession, and even witness intimidation. As these disturbing facts about this thug’s past come to light, pictures from his social media accounts are surfacing revealing the true character of the liberal left’s latest “victim.”

thugAww..looks like a sweetheart to me! Other photos show Smith with his thug side-kick cousins Ja’kari G. Rocaine, as brandish weapons showing the world the true meaning of livin’ the “thug life.”

thug3Another picture of Smith shows him flashing gang signs, while another shows him next to a bathtub swimming in a pile of cash, perhaps obtained by selling his illegal drugs.

thug2It’s tragic when anyone loses their life at a young age, but given these photos, it looks like this young man’s demise was no one’s fault but his own. Smith was not just some random sweet person who was brutalized by police. It appears as though his entire existence centered around violence and money, and in the end, this”thug life” mentality cost him his own life. Of course the liberal media will want to bury these pictures, since it does not go along with their white and cop-hating rhetoric they’re trying to spread around African-American communities.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]



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