Scandal Rocks Hillary: How She Cashed In With Terror Group Boko Haram Who Kidnapped 276 Little Girls

A another huge scandal just hit Hillary, and she is frantically trying to cover it up.


The controversies involving Hillary Clinton are being disclosed on a daily basis now it seems, but this latest revelation could prove to be more devastating than her lies and unethical dealings in the past. Almost the entire time Clinton was Secretary of State, she blocked the designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. Nobody could understand why, until now.

As Boko Haram began to ramp up its operation of terror in 2011-2012, Hillary Clinton continually obstructed the official terror designation of the group over the objections of Congress, the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department. Despite hard evidence of the group’s aggressive posture in Nigeria and many supporters of the designation, Hillary Clinton simply denied that they were a terrorist organization.

Boko Haram, the Nigerian-based Islamic terrorist group that gained international notoriety when it kidnapped 276 school girls from the town of Chibok back in April 2014. Also during that year, they are responsible for 6,644 deaths while ISIS only claimed 6,073 during the same time frame. It is hard to imagine why Hillary Clinton would refuse calling them a terrorist organization. However, a series of reports exposes that a close Clinton family confidante – and Hillary campaign bundler – profited from Nigeria’s lucrative resources. He engaged in multiple illegal deals throughout Africa.


Bring-Back-Our-Girls-Michelle-ObamaIn 2014, members of Congress discovered that Hillary Clinton gave little weight to the threat of Boko Haram in Nigeria. They also found that in 2012, Clinton had worked to kill bills designating the group as a terrorist organization in both the House and the Senate. Also in 2012, the Justice Department’s National Security Division strongly urged the State Department to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization as reported by Reuters. This request fell short after a group of 21 American academics wrote a letter to Clinton asking that Boko Haram to not be designated.


Boko-Haram-death-tollA powerful Nigerian with ties to Clinton is Kase Lawal. The founder of CAMAC Energy, an oil exploration and energy consortium, Lawal had a long history with Bill Clinton before becoming a “bundler” for Hillary’s 2008 presidential bid and hosting a fundraiser in his Houston home. He is a devout Muslim who began memorizing the Quran at three-years-old while attending an Islamic school. Lawal tops the list of the wealthiest Nigerians living in North America.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lawal arranged a 2011 plan to purchase 4 tons of gold from a rebel warlord, Bosco Ntaganda, who has been linked to Boko Haram. Ntaganda was on a U.S. sanctions list, meaning anyone doing business with him could face up to 20 years in prison. In an article by WORLD, Lawal contacted Clinton’s State Department to ask for help. Soon after, authorities in Congo released his plane and associates that were involved in the plot. He never faced charges in the United States and he remains a commissioner for the Port Authority of Houston.


kase-lawal-clinton-500x375It seems that Lawal has gained political favor by maxing out his donation limit to Hillary’s 2016 primary campaign and through his “friendship” with Clinton has stalled the appearance of Boko Haram on the US enforced terrorist lists. How many other donors does Hillary Clinton bend the rules for? How many more terrorist organizations owe their freedom to terrorize to the Democratic presidential nominee? I am sure we will see many more of these behind-the-scenes donors come to light in the months leading up to the election. However, the question remains: “Will she face prosecution for her crimes?”

H/T [The BlazePJ Media, News Rescue]


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