BREAKING: Machete-Wielding Terrorist Goes On Slashing RAMPAGE Outside of Police Headquarters


Yesterday, a machete-wielding man attacked two female officers outside of police headquarters in the Belgian city of Charleroi, Belgium after shouting “Allahu Akbar.” One of the two female officers sustained several severe and deep slashes to her face, while the other female officer sustained minor injuries. The incident is being considered an act of terrorism, and ISIS has since claimed responsibility.

571711199ccd3dccc9f9c8483fcb683a0199a1cdAccording to AFP News, the attacker was a Muslim man from Algeria who had a criminal record. Police spokesman David Quinaux told broadcaster RTL-TVI the assailant had “taken a machete out of a sports bag he was carrying and dealt very violent blows to the faces of the two policewomen.” Quoting an unidentified source, the ISIS-linked Amaq Agency said Saturday’s attack came “in response to calls to target citizens” belonging to countries in a US-led coalition bombing IS in Syria and Iraq.

The Muslim man approached the two officers outside the main police station in the city and began slashing them before a third officer who was nearby, shot the man dead. Today, the Prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, met with federal police and intelligence officials and determined that the attack was clearly and act of terrorism. At this time a terror probe is being launched to further investigate the incident.

H/T[Independent, Yahoo]


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