BREAKING: Leaked Photos of New GLOCK 17M


New photos have surfaced of a law enforcement issued Glock 17m. There have been many noticeable improvements to the weapon’s design, but it is not available to the public.

An officer involved with training on the new pistol leaked photos regarding some changes that Glock implemented in its new design. While this pistol is not available to the public, we can look forward to seeing the many design features pushed to future Glock models.

Originally published in The Firearm Blog, the pictures are the only source of information about the new 17m model, but they confirm many of the rumors that have been circulating recently. There are a TON of new features.

From the pictures, we notice the following major improvements:

  • New tougher finish
  • Beveled upper and lower receiver
  • Flared magazine well
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Modified trigger design for smooth action
  • Longer, sturdier recoil assembly
  • Ambidextrous magazine release







Glock recently featured a line of gun models that include optics. Combining these features with the bevel and flare of the receivers, they have created a pistol that’s approaching competitive levels of shooting.

However, the best improvement for this weapon to be used as a duty-weapon is the flared magazine well. The flaring at the bottom makes it easier to load a new magazine in moments of high stress. While your attention is directed towards dealing with a defensive gun use situation, you can more seamlessly load a pistol that has a flared magazine well.

While the public has largely described the gun as “ugly”, there have been many to praise the design changes. One thing is for certain, almost all of them can’t wait to see how it performs at the range.

H/T [Truth About Guns]


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