BREAKING: Disgusting Video Surfaces Of Hillary Hysterically Laughing About 4,424 Dead US Troops

A vile video has just begun circulating on the internet, showing Hillary hysterically laughing about our dead Soldiers.


For many of us, Hillary Clinton’s chilling words “what difference does it make” when questioned about the four men she left to die in Benghazi will forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds. It’s difficult for many of us to fathom how a person could so callously lie to the families of our fallen warriors about cause of their death, blaming Benghazi on a YouTube video while surrounded with the flag-draped coffins of those she was entrusted to protect as Secretary of State.


With these scandals behind her thanks to the implicit actions of our elected officials, Hillary now seeks the office of the presidency of the United States, and the lives of our service men and women could soon rest solely in her hands as Commander-in-Chief. With this bleak possibility now on the horizon, an extremely disgusting video has just surfaced of Hillary, showing her true sentiments of our brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to defend our country.

A vile video has just begun circulating on the internet, showing Hillary discussing the “mistake” she made of voting to get America involved in the Iraqi war. When interviewed about the issues of the Middle East, which ultimately collapsed due to the actions of the Obama Administration, Hillary suddenly begins hysterically laughing, as if there’s something funny about 4,424 Soldiers losing their lives.


I’m quite sure what’s so freaking funny. Perhaps the fact that she cashed in big time with her book ironically titled Hard Choices, when her “choices” were responsible for getting people killed? Not only did Hillary’s “hard choices” cost the lives of our four men in Benghazi, but it’s now being reported that her little scheme of running weapons to terrorists in Libya with Obama was instrumental in establishing ISIS as a legitimate terror organization, whose bloody rain of terror continues to cost the lives of countless victims around the globe.

It’s unfathomable that despite this woman’s ongoing scandals, there’s still so many mindless idiots out there blindly supporting her. I hope this woman’s laughter about our dead Soldiers haunts her and her vile supporters for the rest of their lives. If this woman gets elected this fall, her supporters are just as complicit as she is for the ongoing bloodshed that will be on her hands as President of the United States. God help us!

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Thomas Faddis

Soon, if not already, there’ll be a compilation of her laughing off this, the emails, the c-foundation corruption, etc. Etc. ETC.!! Just wait…
In the meantime here’s benghazi sung to an old tune, but I like how it shows crooked-hillary whining at the end: