[VIDEO] Black High School Student Resists Arrest, All in the Name of #BlackLivesMatter


Welcome to Obama’s America where there is zero respect for the law and zero respect for law enforcement. Where #BlackLivesMatter, but nobody else’s life matters. In fact, it is the norm and proudly flaunted, that a certain segment of the population can do whatever the hell they want to law enforcement and their communities, and our political leaders sit by and falsely blame conservatives and whites. Entitled attitudes due to years of continued slavery at the hands of liberals and progressives. Indoctrination by political leaders and liberal media that Americans, especially cops, hate certain people due to the color of their skin. Where numbers are manipulated to push and agenda. Paid propaganda and a militant stance to push a false narrative by liberals with shit loads of money, specifically Soros.

A black high school student in Fresno, CA, was stopped by police for jaywalking. Instead of the boy listening, obeying the law (no matter how ridiculous one may find it) and moving on, he immediately began to resist the police officer, taunting him, wrestling with him, trying to punch him, all awhile repeatedly calling him ni**er. Meanwhile, his homeboy is filming the entire situation yelling #BLACKLIVESMATTER.  At one point he actually says “Let him go, black lives matter.”  Seriously? Are they all carrying a #blacklivesmatter card issued by Obama that allows them immunity from everything? I am starting to think so.

THIS is what law enforcement have to put up with every damn day!

Both BLM thugs ended up behind bars. Lesson learned? Doubtful.

*Warning, a lot of profanity is in this video*


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