Bill Clinton Slips, Reveals Disturbing Truth About Hillary’s Health

How much more evidence has to slap these idiot liberals across the face before they finally believe the truth?


While Hillary Clinton continues to insist she’s in picture perfect health, cracking jokes and opening pickle jars as a way to mock those questioning her ability to serve as president, a bombshell revelation was just revealed by her own husband, sure undermine her ongoing rhetoric and infuriate her supporters.

Hillary might have most of America believing she’s physically capable to lead as commander-in-chief, but it looks like her own husband doesn’t even believe she’s physically able, as evidenced by the following conversation he had with a close friend.

Author Edward Klein revealed in his book, “Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton,” that Bill believed Hillary was in complete denial about her health, and too ill to even run for president. Not only was Hillary forced to cancel meetings and cut back on her campaign schedule due to her failing health, but she allegedly told friends that her doctors were unable to find a “definitive problem,” for her ongoing health issues. “Bill believed she was in denial and was ignoring what could be life-threatening symptoms,” Klein wrote.

book1Bill was so troubled over his wife’s health, that he went so far as consulting with a cardiologist, asking the physician to review Hillary’s medical records. It was the doctor’s recommendation that Hillary should have a doctor travel with her so she could be closely supervised at all times. But despite these professional recommendations, Hillary remained defiant in her resolve to run as president.


Klein’s book went on to disclose that Bill was deeply troubled that Hillary might stumble or fall during a critical moment, exposing the truth that she physically “wasn’t up to” the strenuous job it takes to be president. When confronted over this, she “blew up” at Bill telling him, “You’re acting like a f***ing quitter and loser. You’re projecting your own health problems onto me. I’m not dying.”

How much more evidence has to slap these idiot liberals across the face before they finally believe the truth? If her coughing fits, seizures, and inability to stand weren’t enough, it was revealed Tuesday by Wikileaks that Hillary had inquired about Provigil, a prescription drug used for “excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.”

It’s blatantly obvious that no matter what this woman does, liberals will continue to make excuses for Hillary, labeling anyone who questions her health as “right-wing conspiracy theorists.”

H/T [Gateway Pundit]



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