Listen to Popular Radio Personality ADAM CAROLLA Trash Cops on Air


Depending on your age, you may have known of Adam Carolla from many years back when he was on Dr. Drew’s Love Line, a popular sex help radio show. Soon Carolla moved on from sex help to acting, comedy work and eventually becoming a huge radio personality with over a million die-hard followers.

When asked about his political leaning, at times he has claimed to be ‘mostly libertarian‘ while at other times claimed to be conservative/libertarian. He does seem to have a lot of libertarians and right leaning fans.

Regardless of what he is registered as, he recently did an interview, which is quite shocking and should cause raised eyebrows by any of his libertarian/conservative fans.

In the interview he says,

“Cops are the dumbest and angriest guys who were played on the football team in high school.”

Further, “….when you decide to be a cop, your wiring is of a certain way.”

And he decided to take it a step further saying, “I believe cops will shoot anyone, anytime, they make mistakes all the time. They are not the brightest and now they are on super edge and super nervous which makes them even crazier.”

The entire interview is a rant on cops; although, he does make one or two good points about some things cops are asked to do from those in political positions. Listen below.

So what do you think about his comments? How out of line was he while proclaiming to be a conservative/libertarian? If you are a fan, will you continue to follow and support him?


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