A White Cop and Black BLM Protesters Do Something So Offensive, Media Refuses to Cover It

Here's a story you won't see the MSM report on...


With all the hatred and racial turmoil ripping our country apart, there’s only one thing that will bring us together, and that is finding common ground and choosing love over hate. It’s unclear where the following video was taken, but it appears to be at a recent BLM protest. A white cop can be seen grabbing a bullhorn, surrounded by impassioned black protesters. Then the unexpected happens, which you have to see to believe.


The video was originally updated by pastor Joshua Feuerstein, along with the caption “WARNING: This is the OFFENSIVE VIDEO that the NEWS MEDIA doesn’t want you to see!!! SHARE IT LIKE CRAZY!! ‪#‎sayAMEN‬ ‪#‎Jesus‬

It’s so refreshing in this time of great upheaval in our country, to see people on typically opposing sides coming together in unity, realizing that their faith is the one common way to bring peace and civility to our nation.

H/T [Joshua Feurstein]


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