[Watch] Refugee Tries to Force his way onto Swedish Bus, Gets the Beat Down

A viral video shows a Swedish Bus Driver attacking a refugee after the refugee attempted to force his way onto the city bus.


A Swedish bus driver on the island of Öland apparently had enough of the refugees. In a now viral video, a Syrian Refugee can be seen trying to get on the bus. The bus driver refused to allow the refugee to board. The Refugee instantly attempts to pull the race card. He pulls out his cell phone and starts snapping pictures of the already irate bus driver. Things would not end well for him..


The Swedish bus driver was not amused. The bus driver immediately pulls out his cell phone and tries to take a picture of the refugee. The refugee immediately cowers from the camera and attempts to cover his face. The bus driver was having none of that however, and proceeds to start hitting the refugee after the refugee refuses to have his picture taken. The refugee is reduced to a pile of tears on the bus seat as the bus driver says “I hate you Swine” in Swedish. Watch the video below:

Moral of the story: Listen to what a bus driver tells you in Sweden, OR ELSE.


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Debra Settje

So did he get the infidel off the bus.