LAPD Puts Out VIDEO With Chief Beck and Black Rapper to Push This Message

This is a start. We need more prominent people to do this!


While our President and his stooges forcibly engage in dividing black, whites, and police, some in positions of power and notoriety, are demanding a different course for our country. Unity.


L.A. Police Chief, Charlie Beck [White] gets together with known rapper, The Game [black], and put together this amazing video. While the message is an obvious solution, the fact these two came together should send a powerful message to everyone that Obama’s and his children, #BlackLivesMatter’s need to cement the narrative that has been made [division and hate], does not have to happen. Unity can can be accomplished!

Of course there is some opposition to this unified front. #BlackLivesMatter in Los Angeles is calling for the resignation of Chief Beck. Some people do not want unity and embrace the division. Thanks Obama. You f*cked up this country in epic proportions.


100% Fed Up



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