Shocking Photos From France Terrorist’s Facebook Page Reveal Sickening Secret


Yesterday another Muslim psycho carried out a terror attack in the name of Allah, as he rammed a truck into French citizens who had gathered to celebrate Bastille Day. By the time the bloody rampage was over, 84 people had lost their lives and another 100 injured, in what is being described as one of the bloodiest terror attacks in history.

While the world reels and attempts to come to terms with the senseless horror, shocking photos from Mohamed Bouhlel’s Facebook page have surfaced, which give a terrifying insight into the terrorist’s home life. The man’s cover photo is a picture of three small children, which are assumed to be his, all holding weapons and grinning at the camera.


Looks like Bouhlel left behind a legacy of lilttle mini-jihadist to continue his mission now that he is dead.

UPDATE: The cover photo has been taken down, but someone managed to take a screen shot of the facebook page with the photo still there.  Looks like someone is trying to cover this up. Facebook is already trying to censor the words “Muslim terrorist” in an attempt to separate the truth from what actually happened.



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