Obama “Honors” Fallen Officers By Saying This SICK Thing At Memorial Service


True to form, Obama took to the stage to make everything about race, unfair “police brutality,” and gun control. In his sickening and inappropriate speech which SHOULD have focused on REMEMBERING the officers whose lives were mercilessly taken in Dallas, he quickly diverted the attention away from the fallen officers and turned it to the unfair treatment of black people by police.

The speech started off good enough, praising the bravery of the officers, but Obama was quick to change the subject entirely, and began discussing race issues. “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer.” It blows my mind how he thinks that it is acceptable to discuss how we should be mourning the “kid in the hoodie who was just goofing around.” A memorial service is not the time nor the place for these types of comments.

Dana Loesch was obviously not impressed with what he had to say, and she was not alone in her outrage.

The officers in attendance, sitting directly behind the Divider in Chief, were also not particularly amused at what he had to say. Very few of the officers joined in clapping with the rest of the audience, at some points even exchanging confused looks at each other at the garbage that was spewing out of his race-baiting pie-hole.

Obama was supposed to honor the fallen officers and pay respect to their grieving families, but instead he decided to make this his glimmering platform for his political agenda and racial divide. To turn this memorial into anything other than REMEMBERING the fallen cops is sickeningly inappropriate. This was absolutely neither the time nor the place for what he did.


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