Startling New Information Comes Out About German Axe Terrorist’s SECRET Life


In Islamic countries, it is well known by westerners that if you are found to be homosexual in many of these Islamic countries, you will be killed. The end. However, it is not well known that in Islamic societies, homosexual is widely practiced and is indeed a part of their culture. Kept hidden for the most part for fear of death, do not be fooled, homosexuality is alive in well in Islamic culture. Ask anyone in the military who has served over there, they will confirm. The men tend to be more feminine in nature and are extremely touchy-feely with each other.

It is often told that in Islamic culture, women are for breeding and men for companionship. Do not doubt it. It has come out that the teenager who attacked the German train with an axe, was more than likely a homosexual. He had told German immigration that he was from Afghanistan, but later it was revealed he lied. He was from Pakistan. Pakistan has a high rate of homosexuality and pedophilia, yet it is one of the least tolerant countries. In fact, Pakistan leads the highest Google search for gay porn.

On his now shut down Facebook page, there were pictures of him attending a German music festival, Fasching Carnival, this past February. A Carnival which caters to homosexuals.

carnivalLike many German cities, Munich celebrates its Fasching (Carnival) with a crazy season in early January/ February, running through Shrove Tuesday (Faschingsdienstag). During this time there are Fasching galas to be found throughout the city, many of which are attended by the LGBT community. –Germany Tourist Guide

What is an lslamic teenager doing visiting a homosexual carnival and dressing up like a woman? Something that clearly would not be allowed under lslam nor from his home country of Pakistan. However, Germany is perfectly accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. Perfect for a kid who has had to hide it for so long. Notice, he did not attempt to harm and murder anyone at the gay carnival.

german terrorist
Pictured in a pink wig at a music festival this is the ISIS fanatic who went on an axe rampage on a German train and may have lied about being an Afghan refugee in order to secure asylum status after claims he is Pakistani. [DM]

This is something that will never be explored further nor ever mentioned on any mainstream media. It is hard enough for the leftist media to mention he was muslim, imagine how hard it is for them to mention that the terrorist dude was a homosexual. A homosexual lslamic madman hiding in the open waiting for his opportunity to kill.

Lefist claim they love muslims and homosexuals and want to love and cater to both. But in reality, both are in conflict of each other. This terrorist had a war raging in him for sure. Brought up to hate everyone but muslims and indoctrinated to kill them. But also raised to hate himself. How many more are out there?

The Fact is, that lslam is a hotbed for homosexuality is coming to light more and more. It is probably the gayest religious on Earth right now and is on a path to self implode. Well, we can hope.

H/T Freedom Outpost


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