Mother Flushes Baby Down Toilet After Strangling It With Umbilical Cord, But Then a MIRACLE Happens


A woman who is only being identified as 24-year-old Soraya Y. was travelling to Munich from Dubai when she suddenly went into labor and gave birth to a baby in the airport bathroom. The mother panicked, and instead of calling for help, she took the demented route and strangled the newborn with its own umbilical cord. Once she thought the infant was dead, she then attempted to flush it down the toilet and ran away. Approximately five minutes later, another airport patron happened to find the tiny baby wedged in the drain, and still alive.

The baby girl was freed from the pipe and rushed to the hospital to receive emergency care. By the time she arrived, her body temperature had fallen to a dangerous 89 degrees. Despite her traumatic first moments of life in the outside world, doctors managed to stabilize her and bring her back to health. However, it is unclear to medics whether or not she will sustain any permanent damage or complications later in life. She is currently being taken care of by foster parents.

The mother of the child is being charged with attempted murder of a newborn and is only being sentenced to a measly 5 years in prison. Prosecutor Klaus Kurtz told the court: “Instead of being honest and admitting what had happened, she has presented to this court four different versions of what happened. This includes the absolute pinnacle of her lies, which was to say that she didn’t notice she had given birth.”

This is absolutely sickening that any human could possibly commit such a heinous act against humanity, especially considering that she had this tiny life growing inside of her for so long. It takes an absolute soulless monster to commit such an atrocity, and for her to only get a slap on the wrist for the attempted murder of a helpless infant is the real tragedy here.


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