Media Burying The Demented Thing an Escaped Sex Slave Discovered in a German Refugee Camp

The media is working overtime to bury this story. Here's the horrifying thing an escaped ISIS sex slave discovered in a German refugee camp.


A story coming out of Germany is almost too astonishing to believe, sure to drive a huge hole in the agenda of crazed liberals who have an on-going love fest with Muslim refugees.

A Yaziidi sex slave was miraculously able to escape captivity and make her way to a refugee camp in Baden, Germany. But not too long after settling down in her refugee center, this woman witnessed something so awful, you can be sure that the media along with the demented leaders of Europe will be scrambling to keep a lid on what this woman discovered.

campDespite officials and the media working non-stop to white-wash incidents of sexual assaults and child rape as hordes of these 6th century barbarians infiltrate the countries of Europe, this former ISIS sex slave is risking her life to reveal the shocking truth about what is really going on in the refugee centers across Europe.

Mad World News has more:

On July 19, Ahlul Bayt News Agency broke the testimony of a Kurdish Yazidi woman who was held by an ISIS militant as his personal sex slave. After 4 months of daily sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, the young woman escaped and later made her trek to Germany as a refugee.

Accepted into a Baden camp, she believed that she had finally evaded the horrors of ISIS and their Muhammadan sex slavery and was safe amongst victims of war like herself. However, she had to do a double-take when she spotted her captor at a local market. The same ISIS militant man who held her as a sex slave is now living as a refugee with his family in Baden.

The woman explained to police that she spotted her ISIS captor living as a refugee with his family in Baden.

MS Media Ignoring Horrifying Thing Escaped Sex Slave Found In Refugee Camp

After seeing her former ISIS slave owner now living as a refugee in Germany, the terrified woman immediately contacted authorities. The man is apparently still living as a “refugee” in Germany, free to roam around like a normal citizen.

As idiotic leadership in Europe continues to open their borders to these un-vetted people you can be sure extremists such as these will continue to infiltrate these countries. It’s impossible to integrate these types of people into a civilized society, when they are still stuck in the 6th century, indoctrinated with a religion that seeks to destroy and wipe out anyone who does not conform to their radical ideology. Hope you’re ready, America! If Hillary gets elected, she’s bringing 1 million of these lovely people into the United States!

H/T [Mad World News]


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Well of course. The sooner we kick this sh*t off the better, voting won’t fix this since our demographics have been destroyed by design. We all know what needs to happen.