Man posts “Kill Police” sign in yard… Guess Who He Has To Call Moments Later

An Ohio man posted anti-police signs in his yard and then immediately called them the instant he needed help, how ironic.


An Ohio man is now the laughing-stock of his town after an unfortunate incident. The unnamed, retired 66-year-old man put up signs on his Boundary Road property in Union County that someone apparently disagreed with. The there signs read “A good cop is a dead cop,” “Make America great again – support your local cop killer,” and  “Dump Trump.” The signs were made of wood with the letters painted in red. One of the man’s neighbors, Jody Soviak, Posted an image of the signs to her Facebook with the caption:

“Union county friends these are our neighbors on Boundary Rd. Real nice. Sad thing is that the police would still respond to them if needed.” – Jody Soviak

Apparently one of the residents in the local community didn’t like the signs. An unknown person drove their car through the 66-year-old man’s yard which destroyed the signs and left nice ruts in his yard. The 66-year-old man became extremely upset and guess who he called? The police.


When the man called 911 four times because it’s such an emergency when a sign is vandalized, the man became even more irate. Thee police told him they had more important matters to attend to. The man then grabbed a hatchet and ax and blocked off the road. He also put up a 4th sign that read “Waiting for the cops.”

“This guy is standing in the middle of the road, he’s closed the road and he has a machete and an ax,” the caller said. “He’s got his lawn tractor parked in the road and he’s a sign that says he’s waiting for the cops.” – Marysville Fire Department

The police reportedly arrived at the scene and removed the man from the road, it’s just a shame they didn’t run him over in the process.


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