Hostage Situation Inside The Cook County Jail In Illinois, Here’s What We Know…


Division 10, the maximum security area of Cook County Jail, was on lockdown for about 3 hours today after 2 detainees took another hostage. The inmates were reported to be armed with some form of “shanks.”

NBC Chicago reported:

According to the Cook County Sheriff’s office, the two detainees covered the floor of Division 10 with soapy toilet-water and obscured the facility’s cameras before ripping them down entirely.

The inmate taken hostage was reportedly being treated for minor injuries to his leg. The situation was diffused peacefully although there is no update as of yet towards a motive.

The overcrowded sleeping area of Cook County Jail

It is possible that the long standing overcrowding at this particular jail is what led to this situation. Too many people, too many personalities; makes for a very hostile atmosphere. Throw in the nature of the facility and this is the kind of thing that can not be avoided.

H/T [ NBC Chicago ]



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What they need is common sense shank laws. Isn’t this a shank free zone? Use a shank, go to prison. (Oh wait…)