SICK: Look What Hillary Just Told Cops to Do While Speaking at the NAACP Conference

It looks like Hillary is taking a page right out of Obama's playbook.


Barack Obama has spent pretty much his entire presidency pinning Americans against each other. The poor versus the rich, as he yammers on about the “evil 1%.” Blacks versus white cops, and as continuously dispatches his race-baiting puppets to hotbeds such as Ferguson to stir up more racial discontent.

Well now it looks like Hillary Clinton taking a page right out of Obama’s playbook and jumping on the cop-hating train. She spoke at the NAACP Convention in Cincinnati on Monday, and rather than use her platform to unite Americans, she went on a lecture telling police how then need to stop killing black people.

She forgot several main points: How about telling blacks they need to stop killing cops? Or give them tips on how they need to stop resisting arrest?

Watch her disgusting antics unfold below:

As much as we need to grab the vomit bucket anytime Obama speaks, if this woman gets elected, get ready… because it’s going to be a whole lot more of the same. God help us.

H/T [Young Cons]



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