HIGH ALERT: Cop-Killing Gangsters Now Calling For Murder of FIREFIGHTERS


A threat that is making its rounds on social media is being taken very seriously in the metro area of Kansas City. Amidst the turmoil that has arisen over the KCK Police Captain Dave Melton’s murder on Tuesday, this has given reason for great concern. On Thursday, both the KCMO and KCK Fire Departments received notice of this threat along with other fire departments in the area.

“We are calling on the gangs across the nation! Attack everything in blue except the mailman, unless he is carrying more than mail!” and “As you fight, remember that the fireman and the police are on the same side. Don’t be fooled!” were parts of the threat that was posted to Facebook.

The post calls for rival gangs, the Crips and Bloods to unite against their mutual enemy and they are calling for bloodshed. The St. Louis Fusion Center: Terrorism Early Warning group sent out the social media post to alert first responders. Former FBI agent, Michael Tabman expresses his disdain after hearing of these horrible threats: “I hate to see the firefighters get caught up in that. They can’t defend themselves as well as police officers can.”

The statement from the Metro Fire Chiefs goes on to say the non-specific threat has been forwarded “through official channels to local agencies as advisory to our personnel to exercise vigilance and caution.” Tabman goes on to say that firefighters in general are typically popular with society and don’t usually generate the same hostility as police. He says he hopes that the threat on social media won’t catch on, but he says that it is being taken very seriously. “What scares me is that it’s not going to take a lot now for that one little spark to light a fire.”


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F*ck’em!! Let their property burn!


I hope I’m on scene when they try this. The S___ Head will die of lead poisoning. No mercy for someone who tries to kill a cop or a firefighter.