BREAKING: Man’s Leg BLOWN OFF in NYC, Police Scrambling As Bomb Squads Evacuate Area


Reports are coming in of an explosion in New York City that completely blew off a man’s leg. Eyewitnesses say that the man was walking through Central Park with a friend when suddenly he stepped on something that blew up, and completely obliterated his leg. It is unclear at this point if the explosion was due to a firework or if it was something more sinister. Friends of the injured man deny that they were playing with fireworks, so the NYPD bomb squad is currently on the scene.

The explosion took place in very close proximity to a funeral for Elie Wiesel taking place at a synagogue. It is unknown at this point if the explosion was related to this.

The bomb squad is currently searching the area for any other explosive devices. We will bring you more updates as they become available.


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