Debbie Gets Nasty Surprise Backstage After Getting Booed Off DNC Stage

Aww poor baby. I wonder what the Clintons will do now that you've been thrown under the bus?


The Democratic Party is doing major damage control following the leaked emails that revealed that the DNC had the entire primaries rigged against Bernie Sanders from the beginning, which has sent his supporters into a collective rage against Hillary Clinton. Not only did the DNC have to build a wall around their platform to prevent angry liberals from storming the stage, his supporters had a nice little surprise waiting for Schultz as soon as she took the stage to speak.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was completely devastated after getting booed off the state at the DNC and had to be immediately escorted by security to a safe location. But the Bernie bots weren’t with their verbal assault quite yet. As Schultz was backstage as she scurried to safety, they then began chanting “shame, shame, shame!” Even MSNBC was shocked as they watched, issuing reports to their shocked viewers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.22.17 AM“She was booed off stage…I have never seen anything like it. The once well-respected congresswoman from Florida and head of the DNC was trying to shout over the Bernie supporters. I don’t know how she can show up on the podium it will just happen again.

The shamed Congresswoman licked her wounds for several hours but finally showed her face long enough to give a statement to the press.

“I stepped down [as DNC chairwoman] the other day because I wanted to make sure that having brought us to this momentous day and to Philadelphia and planned the convention that is going to be the best one that we’ve ever had in our party’s history that this needs to be all about making sure that everyone knows that Hillary Clinton would make the best president,” she said.

Aww poor baby. I wonder what the Clintons will do now that you’ve been thrown under the bus? I guarantee they’re not mourning the end of your political career, as they have many others lining up to do their dirty work.

H/T [Mad World News]




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