BUSTED! Look What Dinesh D’Souza Caught On the DNC Teleprompter

Wow...this says it all!


At the Democratic conventions on July 25th, there were some embarrassing and disturbing views of America’s left side. If the pictures below don’t frighten you, you might be missing your patriotism.

Dinesh D’Sousa, the filmmaker of Hillary’s America, graciously shared with the world his experiences at the conventions. While the seriousness of the event bears down on millions of people, Dinesh keeps it lighthearted with his sarcastic touch.

The Pledge of Allegiance was to be spoken before the convention was to begin. However, someone thought that the audience might need help remembering the words to this famous pledge.

Bernie Sanders supporters among the crowd used the opportunity to shout at the DNC and the world as witnessed by this one participant.

The pledge is an important part of American honor and history. In current events though, all gender restrooms have become a household recognized label and Hillary Clinton is in the center of it all, literally!

Here is an image of Dinesh’s friend returning from a trip into one of these bathrooms. Did she know what she was getting herself into? From her expression, she was expecting something else.

These humorous pictures merely poke fun at the underlying sentiment that has infected the Democratic Party. There is a cancer that has grown malignant among key leaders within the organization. Debbie Schultz has already been named as one scapegoat having stepped down from the DNC chair. Hillary Clinton was quick to hire her to chair her own campaign and maybe that is why many in the crowd sealed their lips shut in symbolic protest.

The count is in, but Bernie Sanders capitulated to the “queen” and despite his many avid protests against Hillary Clinton and what she stands for, he is now doing her bidding and encouraging his followers to do the same. They are not buying it though as Bernie was jeered as soon as he said, “we must vote for Hillary Clinton”. Bernie tries to appease his supporters, but they do not want Hillary.

The conventions are scheduled every night until Thursday July 28th and Bernie Sanders supporters are planning protests up until the end.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]


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