[Breaking] Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police For Helping Mentally Disabled Man

An African-American Behavioral Therapist was shot by police for helping a mentally disabled patient.


An unarmed African-American man was allegedly shot by police in North Miami. Charles Kinsey is a therapist that works with disabled people. That might explain the bizarre start to the video. Kinsey is sitting in the middle of a road with an unidentified man. The unidentified man appears to be upset with Kinsey and keeps yelling at him. Moments later you can see police descend on the scene with their weapons drawn. What happens next is a problem (at the moment):

The problem is the video for some reason is cut out during the actual shooting. You can hear Kinsey say in the video “I’m a behavior therapist, there is no reason for firearms. He’s autistic, and has a toy truck in his hands.” For whatever reason, the police still shot the behavioral therapist.

“I was more worried about him than myself, I thought to myself, if I have my hands up they won’t shoot me, boy was I wrong. After I was shot by the police I asked them why did you shoot me, to which he replied ‘i don’t know'” – Charles Kinsey

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With tensions between police and #blacklivesmatter, this incident is only going to make it worse. It wouldn’t surprise me if they riot in Miami tonight or tomorrow after this story gets into the mainstream media, which it probably will. I personally tend to take the police officer’s side in almost every case in these shooting incidents, however this time it’s very hard for me to do so. Unless a video is released showing Kinsey charging police, shooting him was extremely unjustified and should not of happened.


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