Panic stricken passengers and crew were swiftly evacuated from a 9 a.m. ferry service to Sardinia. The French media have reported that 77 passengers and crew were forced to flee the Jean Nicoli ferry after an explosion was heard. France has assigned armed soldiers and police to its ports in fear of another Islamic attack. French authorities believe their ferries to be vulnerable to such attacks and are striving to maintain heavy security. French specialist forces have been called upon following intelligence warnings that ferries could be at risk. A bomb squad and dog unit arrived at Joliette to investigate the cause of the explosion.

Jean Nicoli ferry

French law enforcement officials believe the explosion came from World War II ammunition lying in the seabed. Jean-Jacques Fagni, deputy prosecutor of Marseilles stated, “We are moving towards an accidental explosion, we think it’s an ammunition – what type of ammunition is not clear yet. It must date from the Second World War as it exploded in depth the passage of the boat.”

France is on high alert given the devastating Bastille Day lorry attack in Nice, which killed 84 people and the brutal (not to mention barbaric) execution of a priest in a Normandy church. The President of France, Francois Hollande, ordered an increase in armed security at all transport hubs and crowded venues.

This is the condition of Europe, folks. While Liberals run around regurgitating their kumbaya and hippy co-exist dogma regarding Islam, we see the consequences. What kind of freedom does a country have when they are constantly in fear of their lives?

H/T Daily Mail


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