BREAKING: MASSIVE Terrorist Plot THWARTED at Olympics


Brazilian police have arrested 10 people with ties to ISIS that they believe were planning a massive terror strike at next month’s Rio Olympics. The individuals, who were detained today, were communicating amongst themselves using encrypted messages through WhatsApp and Telegram that were discussing their plans for the attack. The justice minister said the group was not in direct contact with ISIS leaders, but the group who had pledged their allegiance to ISIS, had plans in place that were to be carried out in the name of the Islamic State.

160720100907-01-rio-olympics-prep-large-169The arrests of the individuals came several days after the SITE Intelligence Group, who monitors online jihadist activity on the internet, reported that the group had used Telegram to pledge their allegiance to Abu al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of ISIS. Brazil’s intelligence agency says it is reviewing all threats, and the ones that deserve more attention are being investigated exhaustively.

The Brazilian government, who is already dealing with issues of the Zika virus keeping away athletes and visitors from the venue, has boosted their security measures in Rio since last week’s tragic attack in Nice, France. The Brazilian President, Michel Temer, has made attempts to put people’s minds at ease by reassuring them of the extensive security measures that are being put in place before the games begin on August 5. More than 500,000 people are expected to attend.


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